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Comprising North America, including the USA and Canada, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, America possesses an abundance of countries as well as a varied climate and ecology. From the arctic tundra of northern Canada and Alaska to the tropical rain forests of Central and South America, wherever you travel there is always something new to see and do. America contains a heady mix of culture due to the eclectic ethnic mix within the population, and while English is freely spoken, there are a variety of languages within the different countries including Spanish, French, and Creole.

America’s mainland is the world’s longest north to south landmass and contains many countries, towns, villages and uninhabited wild areas. The three largest and most populated cities are São Paulo, New York City and Mexico City, and yet there are still areas and islands within America that remain untouched and unpopulated.  It is no wonder that so many holidaymakers and backpackers from Australia make plans to visit America each year, to explore this vast land.

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America Travel Insurance

Health Risks

America is generally considered a safe destination for visitors, and despite the events of September 11, 2001, direct threats are infrequent due to the stringent anti-terrorism practises in place. Occasional outbreaks of disease occur like any other country but practising good hygiene will help to protect us from all types of illness.

Accidents and illness can happen in any country no matter how careful we are, and although we may not be able to prevent them happening, we can take steps to ensure that they do not leave a detrimental impact on the future. Taking out suitable travel insurance with ample medical coverage is strongly advised for those visiting America, as only emergency cases are treated without prior payment. In fact, treatment may be refused to those without insurance or a deposit.  As medical care in America tends to be expensive, especially for emergency treatment, having insurance cover is vital, as it is all too easy to run up a large bill after being hospitalised – especially if this results in air ambulance or medical repatriation. As there are no reciprocal health agreements with anywhere in America, Australian travellers should consider taking out  comprehensive travel insurance when setting off on their travels. DUInsure offer unlimited emergency medical cover - meaning that you can travel to America knowing you may be covered if you pick up an illness abroad.

Finding Travel Insurance and Appropriate Cover

Finding cover for that American trip can be tricky with a myriad of insurance companies trying to sell insurance policies to potential customers. The friendly staff at Downunder Insurance Australia have a combined wealth of travel experience and know all of the travel pitfalls. We can answer any questions you have and provide general advice where appropriate.

Deep sea diving in Belize? Or is extreme bungee jumping in Los Angeles on the agenda? Downunder Insurance provides cover for a wide range of sporting activities, subject to the Policy Terms, Conditions, Limits and Exclusions. We also provide additional cover for winter sports which can be added through our secure online quote system.

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