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The largest continent in the world, Asia offers travellers an eclectic mix of culture, religion, and tradition, wrapped up in a colourful blanket of archaeology, ancient buildings and temples, and stunning landscapes. It is also renowned for a world famous range of cuisine including Indian curries, Japanese sushi, and of course, Chinese dishes that other countries relish as a takeaway meal.

Long considered a backpacker’s paradise, Asia sees thousands of students and young travellers flock to the continent every year to indulge in a unique and fascinating life experience. Southeast Asia is a particular favourite especially Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia, while China, India, and Japan also appeal to many travellers heading off for a gap year or round the world trip. In fact, there are so many appealing Asian countries that it can be difficult to choose which ones to visit, and many travellers return year after year, keen to experience Asia at its best.

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Asia Travel Insurance

Travel Preparations

Any long trip requires careful planning and preparations and a visit to Asia may require a few extra precautions to be taken before travelling. Take a trip to your doctor to find out if any specific vaccinations are required, and ask about the Typhoid vaccine as this is often recommended.

In addition, look at the government Smart Traveller website dedicated to the countries within your travel plans to check for any current advisories against travel. With Asia being such a vast area, there is often the potential for problems related to the weather or political upheaval. Try to avoid booking a trip during monsoon season or a time when there is a potential for natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes. This becomes even more important once a travel insurance policy has been taken out, as booking travel to a troubled area after a warning has come into effect means that any related claims may be invalidated.

Travel Must Haves

As with any trip, travel insurance is necessary, as it means peace of mind in an emergency. Medical insurance is essential, along with medical repatriation cover, as there are some areas within Asia where treatment is very basic.

Take a combination of both cash and travellers cheques, and consider a travel credit card for emergencies. In addition, make sure that travel insurance policy covers loss or theft of these all-important items, as well as other valuables, luggage and backpacks. While some items may not seem valuable, just imagine the cost of replacing lost clothing, sun creams, insect repellents and even the bag or backpack. DUInsure offer cover, as standard, for your luggage, passport, personal belongings and important documents.

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