Frequent Traveller Insurance

When purchasing travel insurance, it is always important to choose the policy that is going to be the best one for you. It can be a mistake to just accept the first one that is offered to you. If you are the type of person that likes to go away a few times over the course of a year, it might be a much better option for you to purchase a frequent travel insurance. Down Under Insurance has an excellent policy that is designed to suit this type of frequent traveller.

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Annual Travel Insurance

Standard Travel or Frequent Traveller Insurance?

Many people will just purchase travel insurance as they need it. This means that every time they decide to go on holidays, they will purchase a policy to cover them for this time away. If the individual only goes away once a year, this is probably a good option. The problem is that if the person goes away more than once per year, they could be wasting money by purchasing these individual policies. It might be a better option for them to pick a policy that covers them for the whole year.

How Does Frequent Traveller Insurance Work?

Down Under Insurance offers two types of frequent traveller insurance: business and leisure. These two policies offer:*

  • unlimited emergency medical assistance
  • unlimited emergency medical and hospital expenses
  • unlimited cancellation fees and lost deposits
  • accidental death coverage of $25,000
  • dental expenses of $500 per trip
  • personal liability coverage of $5,000,000
  • additional expenses of $50,000
  • hospital cash allowance of $5000
  • travel delay allowance of $2,000
  • alternative transport expenses of $5,000
  • permanent disability of $25,000
  • travel documents, credit cards, and travellers cheques up to $5,000
  • coverage for theft of cash or money orders up to $250
  • personal effects and luggage are covered up to $5,000
  • excess on rental vehicle is covered up to $3,000.

Those purchasing the frequent traveller insurance business policy will enjoy additional coverage, including:

  • loss of income covered up to $10,400
  • business equipment covered up to $5,000
  • coverage for the recreation of business documents up to $1,000
  • coverage for the hire of business equipment up to $1,000.

The Down Under Insurance frequent traveller insurance policies provide cover for an unlimited number of trips over the course of a year so long as each trip lasts for no more than 37 days for leisure travel or 90 days for business travel. This is applicable to both Plan D – Frequent Traveller (Leisure) and Plan E – Frequent Traveller (Business); please note however that Plan E – Frequent Traveller (Business) provides additional benefits related to business travel.

Is Frequent Travel Insurance the Right Choice for You?

The best way to decide if frequent travel insurance is the right choice for you is to look at the numbers. This means considering the money that you are likely to pay over the course of the year for single trip insurance and comparing it to the cost of annual insurance. 

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