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For those travel-loving free spirits who love to explore new countries, seek out new adventures, and try everything that is on offer, travel insurance is something that should be taken very seriously. And as policies vary considerably, this should not be a last minute thought.

Cheap policies may seem a good idea; after all, we all want to spend our hard-earned dollars on the important things in life. However, buying a policy that covers important health cover, expensive belongings, and potential problems that could ruin a trip, should be considered an important and essential investment.

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Nomads Travel Insurance

Key Features

  • Medical expenditure: This has to be top of the priorities list. No matter how healthy you feel, it just takes a small infection, eating contaminated food or a simple fall to suddenly create a medical emergency. Some countries will provide emergency medical treatment to visitors but there could still be the unfortunate situation of medical evacuation being required. Take no chances and get the appropriate travel insurance cover, as an unforeseen return home could prove costly.
  • Countries of coverage: Some countries like the USA and Japan may be excluded due to high medical costs. DUInsure offers coverage to these countries as standard.
  • Loss of valuables including cash: There will be limits on claims for items like money, cameras, luggage, and mobile phones. Once again, it is worth looking into additional premiums to get maximum cover or seek out a company that offers the best cover available. Do remember that a police report and receipts will be required to make a claim.
  • Cancellation costs: Last minute illness? Flight cancelled for safety reasons? Your travel insurance can cover you for accommodation and new tickets if possible and not leave you stranded with nowhere to go.
  • Personal Liability: An accident resulting in a third party being involved could mean expensive legal bills. Personal liability cover will pay for legal assistance and costs, up to a certain amount.
  • Extendibility: There will always be places that nomadic travellers love so much that they wish they could stay longer. It's always worth looking for a policy that allows the option to buy new months of coverage while on the road - DUInsure provide cover extensions on request, whilst you are on your trip away.
  • Contact number: It's important that your insurer has a 24-hour hotline that can be dialled in case of emergency. Most insurers insist that they are called before medical assistance is offered except in extreme cases. Some offer just a limited time to submit a claim for theft or loss of valuables too, so it is important to be able to get a hold of them quickly.

When it comes to travel insurance for world nomads, we believe we offer a great range of travel insurance policies to suit all those nomadic needs! We offer the ability to insure for particular items & activities, provide insurance for the USA & Japan, have a 24 hour emergency hotline available and also allow you to extend your travel insurance policy whilst abroad.

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