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Africa Travel Insurance

Africa Travel Insurance

With over 30 million square kilometres of land just waiting to be explored, 54 sovereign countries, and holding around 15% of the world’s human population, it is no wonder that more and more holidaymakers and backpackers are putting Africa at the top of their travel wish lists.

Taking its name from an ancient area in Tunisia meaning sunny place, Africa is considered the oldest inhabited territory on earth with archaeological remains dating back 7 million years. This enormous land mass contains many different cultures, landscapes, and climates with tropical beaches, sand dunes, and colourful souks and bazaars making up some of this wonderful continent’s attractions.

Preparing for an African Adventure

Wherever you plan to go within Africa, it is important to make careful trip preparations. Make an appointment with your doctor well in advance, to discuss essential vaccinations and other health issues. Moreover, consider whether your travel insurance policy includes adequate levels of medical insurance as medical costs can be up to five times higher in some African countries than those in other countries. DUInsure offers an unlimited level of medical cover, so you can be assured you'll be in safe hands.

Our travel insurance policies include evacuation cover and medical repatriation - as some parts of Africa are less advanced than others are, this means medical emergencies may need to be transported elsewhere.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance offers a higher level of cover for savvy travellers who want to make sure that a dream trip does not suddenly become a nightmare. Cover begins before you even reach your destination, with benefits available for trip cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness and natural disasters. It includes travel delay expenses should your trip be disrupted and personal liability for those awkward moments when damage is caused to a third party or their property.  Always check the Policy Wording for the full terms, conditions and exclusions that may apply.

Getting Adventurous

Africa is the perfect destination for going on safari or participating in adventure sports. You ought to consider whether your travel insurance covers those moments of pure adrenaline, from white-water rafting in South Africa to more sedate activities like a desert camel ride or wildlife expedition. Downunder Insurance covers a wide range of adventure activities.

Don’t forget that important cover for loss or theft. The loss or delay of luggage at the start of a holiday can really spoil the excitement of seeing a new country, so consider whether your travel insurance provides you cover to buy those essentials. Losing travel documents, cash and travellers cheques can also blight a trip but all is not lost if the policy pays out for such losses. DUInsure offer a range of policy options so you can choose from a range of personal belongings cover amounts.