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Australia Travel Insurance

While for some travelling means going overseas to experience a different culture and terrain, for many it is the chance to explore home territory and really get the chance to learn about the place we call home. And where can be better than home sweet home for cutting those travelling teeth and getting a taste for adventure?

Australia possesses an abundance of natural beauty, from gleaming white beaches and the Great Barrier Reef to the well-known Outback and the Great Victoria Desert. Novice backpackers would do well to explore their homeland before heading overseas to find new adventures, but don’t assume that Australia is a training ground; it is immersed in weird and wonderful wildlife, opportunities to participate in extreme sports and a firm favourite among foreign backpackers who love the great outdoors and easy-going culture.

Preparing for a Trip

Preparation is half of the fun when it comes to travelling. It involves planning routes and places of interest, organising transport and figuring out where to sleep. It might be that you're just heading away with the family, or you are heading out on an adventure of your own.  Backpackers need to organise packs, clothing, and travel funds while those hoping for a less nomadic lifestyle will be sorting out suitcases, swimwear, or activity gear.  Perhaps a campervan trip is in order, or hiring a car and taking essential equipment. Whichever way you plan to travel, make sure that you have domestic travel insurance, which is a sensible way to cover issues as well as saving cash in the long run.

Downunder Insurance offers a great domestic travel insurance policy for home birds that plan to spread their wings within this great country. and our domestic travel insurance policy covers a multitude of scenarios that could very well happen on home territory. With low-priced policies to suit short and long trips, Downunder Insurance understands the risks of travelling at home and provides policies for both young and older travellers.

What Your Insurance Policy Should Provide

Imagine booking a special tour, arranging accommodation and transport, and then discovering at the last minute that the tour has been cancelled. Downunder will cover cancellation fees and lost deposits as well as providing a travel delay allowance and alternative transport expenses, meaning that you will not be left out of pocket. Even your luggage and personal effects are covered in case of delay.

Bags, luggage, valuables, and travel documents are all vital for a trip, and Downunder provide cover in case of loss or theft. They will also provide Personal Liability cover for those unfortunate incidents involving a third party or their belongings, and in the case of accident provide benefits for death or permanent disability.