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All You Need To Know About Slow Travel

Before you book your next trip away and sort out your premier worldwide travel insurance, what about doing a bit of research into slow travel, a relatively recent trend that could be just what you need to breathe new life into your holidays, if you feel as though you’ve not been that inspired of late.

Cast your mind back a bit to the last time you went away somewhere - did you feel as though you were a bit rushed off your feet to fit all the main tourist attractions into the time you had? Did it seem as though you had barely ticked one of the list before you were disappearing off to the next one?

If this sounds like a familiar story, you might find that slow travel has all the answers you’ve been looking for. The idea is to take a step back and focus on the present moment in a more mindful way, so you can really kick back, relax and enjoy a true appreciation for the place that you’re in, instead of charging around on a box-ticking exercise at all the most famous tourist traps.

Do your best to search for authentic and meaningful experiences while you’re on holiday so you can get a deeper understanding of the country that you’re exploring. It’s also worth remembering that if you spend your time away in a slightly slower fashion, it means that you’ll have a lot more left to see and do in the country when you next go back!

There are all sorts of different holidays you can take with a slow travel focus, whether it’s hopping on board a steam train and going on a tour of the local countryside, exploring by foot or seeing what there is to see by bike.

You could, for example, decide you want to make your way down the Milford Track on the South Island in New Zealand, one of the best walking trails in the entire world. It should take you a fair few days to complete the trek, but you’ll get to see rainforest, the highest waterfall in the country and the Milford Sound fjord.

Or you could opt for a walking safari through East Africa, perhaps, or what about a wilderness photography expedition? It’s all about seeking out authentic and meaningful experiences, memories that will last forever - and ones that you’ll talk about nonstop for years to come.

Of course, slow travel doesn’t mean that you can’t go and see the main tourist attractions, but perhaps only put one or two on your list so you’re not trying to cram everything into a single trip. You’re sure to have more fun doing it this way - and it means you can go back to your favourite countries again and again, with all sorts of fun activities still left to include on your itinerary.


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