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Some Of The Coolest Neighbourhoods In Europe

If you’re planning to jet off to Europe and explore all that this diverse continent has to offer, you’re in for a treat.

There’s plenty to see and do wherever your itinerary takes you, but if you want to track down some of the coolest places to hang out in Europe, take a look at the suggestions made by the travel writers at the Guardian.

In a recent article, the news provider compiled a list of ten of the coolest European neighbourhoods that can be found around the continent in some of its most interesting cities. Make sure you’ve got year-long travel insurance for Europe as you’re going to want to spend some time discovering them all.

At the top of the list is Järntorget and Långgatorna in Sweden’s Gothenburg. This is described as the place where “locals go to let off steam”. It’s got a great pub culture, stemming from its history as the area where dockworkers and sailors would hang out.

It’s also home to some excellent music stores, as well as two of Gothenburg’s top cultural venues: Pustervik and Folkteatern.

If your travels will take you to southern Europe, it’s definitely worth spending some time in Portugal’s Porto. The district of the city you shouldn’t miss is Bonfim, which has an “active arts scene” and boasts plenty of independent stores to explore, so it’s ideal if you’re after a day of shopping, or even just browsing.

This is also the place to come if you want to dine on authentic Portuguese cuisine, rather than what’s available in the city’s more touristy districts.

Heading to Eastern Europe? Make sure you spend some time in Warsaw in Poland. This city features a variety of architectural styles and, according to Lonely Planet, “this jumble reflects the city’s tumultuous past and makes for a fascinating collection of neighbourhoods and landmarks”.

You’ll have no trouble filling your time in Warsaw, but when it comes to the coolest spots to explore the Guardian recommended the neighbourhood of Powiśle.

According to the newspaper, the summer is the best time of year to come here because “it now resembles a carnival every summer”. There are pubs and riverboats serving up everything from craft beers to cocktails, as well as some excellent street food vendors serving Polish and many other types of cuisine.

The Warsaw University Library is one of this district’s main landmarks and worth a visit for its beautiful architecture and roof garden that has a wonderful view.

When it comes to food, the newspaper revealed that Warsaw is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world. One of the best places to visit in Powiśle is Veg Deli, but there’s a lot on offer so take your time choosing where to eat.

Of course, if you’re visiting Europe for the first time you’re going to want to see some of its most famous cities. Rome is certainly one that’s on the list for many, thanks to its incredible historical sites and architecture.

But it’s well-known for being full of throngs of tourists, so where can you go to get a more authentic Italian experience? Ostiense is a good choice, with this part of Rome a good place to come if you want to “eat sumptuously and admire historic sites far from the masses”.