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Planning A Winter Break? Don’t Forget Your Insurance

When you’re getting ready to jet off to the mountains in search of that elusive white powder snow, your mind is probably on packing your skis or snowboard, your helmet, goggles, gloves and all the other warm layers you need to enjoy your time on the mountain.

But one thing you shouldn’t forget about is your travel insurance. An article for the Express recently stressed the importance of taking out a suitable travel insurance policy.

The newspaper explained that most policies will cover the likes of lost luggage, hotel cancellations and basic medical problems as standard. But it’s important that you check whether you need any add-ons to your policy too.

Winter sports is one of the obvious things to consider at this time of the year. Gliding down mountains on your skis or snowboard can be a lot of fun, but it does carry a risk of injury. If you’ve failed to tell your insurer that you’ll be doing these activities, chances are you won’t be covered.

Make sure you have peace of mind when you’re on the slopes by getting this organised early. The other advantage to paying for winter sports cover on your travel insurance is that it will typically also provide protection in the event of loss or damage to your equipment, lost lift passes and even personal liability should you have a collision with someone else on the piste.

If you’re planning to jet off to the US in search of some winter snow, make sure that your policy provides adequate medical cover.

A spokesperson for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office told the newspaper that while it’s important to have medical cover at all times, there are some people for whom it’s especially vital.

“It’s particularly important that you get travel insurance with the right cover if you have a pre-existing medical condition,” they asserted.

Make sure you factor this in when you’re shopping for travel insurance for America this winter.

Although it might be tempting to hop on your flight without having insurance in place, Jason Cochran, editor in chief of travel website Frommers.com, recently told NBC that this is a bad idea.

“You don’t think you need it until you do,” he stated. Mr Cochran pointed to the collapse of Thomas Cook as one example of the fact that anything can happen. Those without insurance may not get fully compensated for the loss of their booking.

Shannon McMahon, editor of SmarterTravel.com, added that often travel insurance doesn’t cost a great deal but can “save you a lot” if you have any bad fortune during your getaway.

Whatever insurance policy you buy, make sure you understand what you’re covered for and check that it’s valid in the country you’ll be visiting too. Don’t assume that certain activities, such as winter sports, will be covered as standard. Check the small print and ask the insurer if you have any questions.

Mr Cochran also offered another piece of advice - when you have insurance make sure the details of your policy are easy to find in the event that you’re incapacitated. This will mean you’re treated quickly in a medical emergency.