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International work experience in the UK is an excellent opportunity to gain skills and grow professionally and has become a bit of a rite of passage for young Aussies. Where better to do that than a country like the UK where you can learn new skills and explore the amazing history but without any language barriers.

There are great employment opportunities available and with Europe close by the UK, and London in particular, can make a great destination for working abroad. You will need to legally be able to work in the UK and you can qualify to do so by applying for either a Youth Mobility Visa or a UK Ancestry Visa.

To be eligible for a Youth Mobility visa you must:

  • hold an Australian or New Zealand passport
  • be aged between 18 and 30
  • show proof of having at least £1890 in your account on the application date of completion
  • have no financial dependents.

Visas are granted for up to 2 years and only once in your lifetime. You can apply for one up to 6 months before you’re due to travel and you will need to pay a fee to apply.


To be eligible for a UK Ancestry visa you must:

  • hold an Australian passport
  • provide proof that you have a grandparent born in the UK
  • provide documents showing you can support yourself without access to public funds until you can find employment
  • have no financial dependents.


There are also programs such as the Work Britain program who specialise in gap years based in the UK and will support you through your visa application as well as during your trip.

If you do undertake work experience abroad, it’s important to remember to take out the correct travel insurance policy that will cover you for your entire stay abroad, whatever its length. Here at DUInsure, we provide special policies for those wanting to take part in work experience abroad to ensure you’re covered and can enjoy your stay without worrying about medical costs. Our IEC policies provide continuous cover for up to two years and covers you comprehensively for emergency medical care, luggage and personal effects and cancellation fees as well as much more. As you will need an insurance policy for Europe to work in the UK, your policy will also cover you for travel to any other European countries you may wish to visit during your trip.

Most importantly, remember this special insurance policy isn’t available through any other provider or competitor!