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International work experience in the US is a great opportunity to gain new skills and grow professionally. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn about another country and its culture as well as getting out of your comfort zone. Having international work experience on your résumé or CV can show potential employers that you’re happy to take the initiative to do something different and find new experiences.

The best way to be able to work in the USA is to either get an E3 Visa or a J1 visa if you’re a student or recent graduate. Both of these visas allow Australians to work anywhere in the USA and undertake virtually any job (there are a few exceptions).

To qualify for an E3 visa you must:

  • have a legitimate offer of employment in the US
  • ensure that the position you're coming to fill qualifies as speciality occupation employment
  • be an Australian citizen
  • have the necessary academic or similar credentials (i.e. university degree)
  • ensure your stay is only temporary
  • gain any necessary licenses or other official permission to practice in the specific profession.


For students or recent graduates considering the J1 visa route, there are programs such as the IEP’s Work USA 12 program that can help you to find a job and help with providing the correct visa.

The US has several other working visas which are dependent on the type of work you are intending to do there. Some have a specific yearly quotathat are awarded and are often quickly used up once they become available. Generally, any temporary worker visas must be submitted by your potential employer and they will be able to tell you which visa to apply for. You can also speak to the US consulate to check any information.

If you do undertake work experience abroad, it’s important to remember to take out the correct travel insurance policy that will cover you for your entire stay abroad, whatever its length. Here at DUInsure, we provide special policies for those wanting to take part in work experience abroad to ensure you’re covered and can enjoy your stay without worrying about medical costs. Our IEC policies provide continuous cover for up to two years and covers you comprehensively for emergency medical care, luggage and personal effects and cancellation fees as well as much more. As your policy is a worldwide insurance policy it also covers you for travel to any other countries you may wish to visit during your trip.

Most importantly, remember this special insurance policy isn’t available through any other provider or competitor!