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UK Travel Insurance

Planning a trip to the UK? Make sure you are protected with a suitable travel insurance policy to give you peace of mind throughout your trip. Whether heading off for a relaxing holiday, enjoying some sightseeing around British beauty spots, or taking advantage of an employment opportunity, taking out a suitable policy should be top of your ‘to do’ list before taking that flight, and is as important as your passport.  With policies covering single or annual trips as well as specialised backpacker travel insurance, finding cover has never been easier.

Millions of Australians go overseas to holiday or work every year according to Tourism Australia, with the UK being one of the most popular destinations. An estimated one-third do not take out suitable travel insurance, hoping that their trip will be trouble free, but for some this has proved to be a costly mistake. For the sake of a few dollars, being covered by your travel insurance could save thousands of dollars.

Medical Insurance

The UK is fairly generous with NHS medical treatment and Australian nationals are entitled to some health care in the UK. Emergency treatment is available through accident and emergency departments of the many hospitals but existing medical conditions are not included.

This may leave visitors feeling that they do not need comprehensive medical insurance as they will be looked after in the case of an emergency, but the cost of a medical evacuation will not be covered. Taking out a suitable travel insurance policy could save an injured or sick visitor from finding themselves in massive debt to cover evacuation costs.

Other Insurable Events

Trip cancellation or interruption due to unforeseen circumstances is always a possibility. Sudden death or illness in the family could mean that a long-awaited trip is no longer a possibility and travel insurance could help recoup the costs of flight cancellation for a future holiday when life gets back to normal.

Baggage delay or damage are also unavoidable possibilities, as is theft of valuables. It is possible to cover expensive items to a pre-determined amount for an additional premium.

Safety in the UK

Most Australians travel safely overseas and return home with happy memories. The unfortunate minority who run into difficulties could return home with crippling debts if they haven’t taken out suitable cover for their trip.  The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade assists more than 20,000 uninsured Australians a year who have found themselves in difficulty through illness, death, or evacuations.