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Cover From $33.26*


Unlimited amedical

Unlimited Medical

Personal Belongings

Protection For Personal Belongings

Worldwide Cover

Worldwide Cover

365 days cover

Cover For Up To 365


About Worldwide Insurance

The range of different types of travel insurance can sometimes be bewildering. There is comprehensive travel insurance, annual cover, backpacker policies, emigration cover and more.

Then there’s the additional cover, like adventure sports, the extensive medical cover that you’re not quite sure you need because of reciprocal health agreements with other countries, and then what about the fact that you are travelling within the EU and paying a visit to the USA as well?

Keeping Travel Insurance Simple

For those who are baffled by travel insurance jargon, we like to keep things simple. We understand that different travellers have different needs, which is why we’ve crafted a range of different travel insurance policies that are suitable for every need. Most importantly, we will keep you protected when you really need us. 

Multi Destination Trips

Travelling to more places than the average holidaymaker increases the chances of something going wrong. Backpackers, nomads, and annual frequent travellers think nothing of spending time in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America, often within a single trip, and this is where worldwide travel insurance can be particularly invaluable. Australian travellers may be able to benefit from the reciprocal health agreements, set up to make sure that travellers will receive state healthcare while visiting the UK and New Zealand, but this does not cover medical repatriation, essential for getting back home should the need arise.


*Price based on a 25 year old single traveller going to Bali for 7 days on a backpacker policy.